One day I was going through an old photo album and found a photo of my grandfather wearing a Red Cross brassard, providing medical treatment in the field.
The valiant man in the photo was far from the gentle person I knew him to be. -YUIMA NAKAZATO

The 2015 Autumn/Winter collection is inspired by the clothing Nakazato's surgeon grandfather wore in his day, including the symbolic white laboratory coat. The design process began from imagining the wardrobe of young military doctors on the job in unpredictable situations. In order to protect the body from severe environments, highly functional hemp (*1) and nylon, and horse leather and denim often used for flight jackets are applied to doctor's laboratory coat designs. For innerwear is a health monitoring wearable device (*2) to oversee body conditions during the long hours on the field. Metal, real stone fabric (in continuation from last season), acrylic parts created by 3D printer (*3), and specialized solid materials like meteorite, are applied in detailing.

*1 “majotae” is a fabric brand launched by Avex Group Holdings Inc.
Product development is in collaboration with Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.
*2 A YUIMA NAKAZATO original model of a wearable device series incorporating functional fabric “hitoe” developed in collaboration between Toray Industries and NTT.
*3 Parts created by 3D printer Objet260 Connex3 by Stratasys Ltd.