It all started with a trip to Iceland, where the designer encountered grand landscapes of icebergs and auroras. This out of planet experience became the inspiration source of [UNKNOWN], the representation of natural wonders created by Japanese craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

The sculptured pieces in this collection are made up of cells -- rectangular sheets of film, which are intricately cut by a plotter machine and folded like origami to create single units -- that are linked together to create these three dimensional garments.

On the iconic Hologram material developed by YUIMA NAKAZATO, can be found photos of Icelandic ice using FUJIFILM’s printing technology. To further expand this outer worldly vision, YUIMA imagines a future in couture where the human body can be transformed as an element of fashion. With the assistance of Stratasys, computer graphic 3D body parts were printed using cutting edge 3D printers.

There is an obscured line between real and virtual in today’s world. YUIMA NAKAZATO presents a collaboration of 2D and 3D printing techniques, along with Hologram film used in LCD screens - this is the birth of the [UNKNOWN] dress.